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A Writer's Guide to Inspiration

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Each week moderators will post a prompt (or more), either discovered by ourselves or by members. Members will be credited with their ideas and sources.

By the week's end, members will reply in the comments with a link to their journal or website that contains the writing responding to the prompt.

Moderators may "judge" several of the best pieces and highlight them. Who knows, we may "give" prizes.

Moderators will ask for suggestions, and the cycle repeats.


This is a closed community simply because this will be a serious writing community, and we want to protect members' privacy. We will invite people or post an application, which you can email to us or use the comments link.

The application is in the memories, labeled clearly.

All forms of prose and poetry are accepted.

By prompt, we mean a writing exercise, not a writing challenge.

Constructive criticism is allowed, but only if a member specifically says so. Any flames or rudeness will result in suspension from the community.

We may add more moderators as the community grows, or life becomes hectic.


Because Matthew and I both feel lethargic when it comes to writing, but we want to because we love to. If you write every day, you may come on something. If nothing else, practice makes perfect. :)

MAINTAINED AND MODERATED BY screendoor3 and lovebri